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Artist for Hire

Title has been involved in graffiti and street art since 1985. With many years graffiti experience he can create stunning graffiti art to suit virtually any venue.

Graffiti can be used as a unique interior design tool which can transform your space in a cool and original way.

Title has completed a number of projects transforming office spaces, bedrooms and venues in his unique graffiti style.

How about some of these graffiti ideas… 

  • Graffiti bedrooms can create a truly original space for your kids (or big kids!), large format graffiti murals can cover the whole room.
  • Want the coolest office space in town? Why not try having some of your interiors walls branded in a graffiti style
  • Make a great first impression, create a stunning reception space with a branded graffiti wall.
  • Venues, such as pubs, clubs or any other recreational space, are a great choice for a graffiti interior, the graffiti style can reflect your branding and create a unique atmosphere.