A selection of my work featuring graffiti murals, graffiti bedrooms, commissioned artwork, digital design, sketches, illustration, 3d graffiti, digital graffiti, portraits, caricatures, graffiti characters, canvas, custom clothing etc.
For any of the above or anything else graffiti or street art related call me today on

07780 763013 

I'd be happy to help

Didn't get this finished today... So I thought I'd upload a lil "Work in Progress" shot for the hell of it.

Work in progress, new Redditch mural taking shape

The blocks of colour are starting to actually look like something now, I'm hoping to get the first side finished or at least nearly finished by the end of this week.

Back to Redditch today, another work in progress shot

Little work in progress shot, still a bit more work to do on this. Just a small part of a long mural I'm currently working on for a school in Black Heath, West Mids.

Little work in progress shot from a job I'm working on

Lots of free space in my diary in the coming weeks, so if you have a wall that you fancy painting please feel free to give me a call, message or email... Thanks

Bedrooms walls, interiors exteriors get at me deets on the flyer

· Hi all I've ended up having another unintentional week off due to more cancellations and postponements, so if you or you know anyone who might need anything painting between now and next Weds (18th) please get at me here, or via my website www.graffitibytitle.com

Now taking work on, details on this flyer

  • Graffiti Artist for Hire

    Title has been involved in graffiti and street art since 1985. With many years graffiti experience he can create stunning graffiti art to suit virtually any venue.

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  • Graffiti Bedrooms

    As we all know graffiti is the new "in thing" for childrens and teenagers bedrooms but its so much more than just a graffiti mural on a wall. It can also be mixed with artwork from comic books, computer games, decorative illustrations, elements of contemporary fine art  or fantasy art...