A selection of my work featuring graffiti murals, graffiti bedrooms, commissioned artwork, digital design, sketches, illustration, 3d graffiti, digital graffiti, portraits, caricatures, graffiti characters, canvas, custom clothing etc.
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I'd be happy to help

Was asked to do some live drawing at this years Breakin' Convention at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre.. Here's the result.. Mostly done in marker pen with little bit of spray paint #breakinconvention #posca #MTN94 #therep

Work's picking up but still have some availability this month! My contact details are on the bottom

Title sketch Jan 2017 HB pencil/ grey marker/ digital sparkles.

A lot of availability during these quieter months after xmas, enquiry details at the bottom of this flyer

More doodles.. HB pencil, black Biro, light grey Copic marker. Title 2016 www.graffitibytitle.com

Doodle Jan 2016

Graff doodle

Pencil doodle, haven't done any graff letters for a while

Biro sketch Feb 2015

Pencil outline, no shading no 3d Jan 2015

Pencil sketch 2014

Sketch, pencil and biro ...Shadows lightly dusted over with digital airbrush. Title 2015

Biro sketch Title 2014

Pencil/Biro Doodle TITLE April "14

More character doodles Title Feb 2014

Digital illustration for Birmingham themed horror anthology...

Title Graffiti By Title Biro and cheap felt tip pen doodle Feb 2014

Another hotrod sketch.. Title.... Jan 2014

Saturday afternoon pencil doodles Title Jan 2014

Hot rod sketch, Title "14

More late night sketching.. More stuff here: www.graffitibytitle.com

Digital graffiti Title 2013

After a frustrating day.... A quick biro sketch can really sort your head out

Great day at Tamworth at New Urban Era 's event yesterday, really nice to meet people catch up with old friends. Felt a little out of the action doing workshops over at the skatepark, couldn't resist a quick Ironman character to jazz my stand up a bit.

Saturday night sketchings

More graff doodles Title 2013

Here's my little section in a new Schiffer books publication "100 UK Graffiti Artists" out now

Zink .... Title "13

Pencil/ballpoint pen sketch TITLE Jan 2013

TITLE Jan 2013 Biro sketch

A few of my favourites from the last 12months, looking forward to pushing on in 2013... Lets have it!

Biro sketch TITLE 2012

New sketch coloured in on my laptop Title 2012

Ball point pen sketch with a light layer of digital airbrush on top of the original

New digi sketch

TITLE 2012... Another 2d sketch, getting back to the old skool roots on this one, might paint a few of these next year.

More Kicks


Title 2012... Ball point pen sketch with just a touch of digital airbrushing.

digital graffiti 2012

Title outline Nov 2012. Slightly more 2d than usual.

Art, Music and Magic with a 2.00am Bar. What more do you want!

Title sketch Jan 2012

Want some graffiti art for your home or business or want to hire a graffiti artist in Birmingham , across the midlands or anywhere else in the UK? Look no further info@graffitibytitle.com

"Signature" Pencil/Ink...... 3d graffiti/Old Eng.

Digital graff

Title winged Aeroskull logo www.graffitibytitle.com

Pencil and ink sketch 2012

Sneaks with a touch of the old skool flavour. This one's for my man, the Miami Bass legend.... Dj Debonaire Vigilante. Hope you like em bro, more comin real soon;)

Title 3d outline pencil 2010


Organic ....Pencil/Ink

Graphics for "LionHeart" MMA/self defence Tshirts

Another 3d sketch, mixing a little of the old spikey style with some more organic shapes here, not 100% happy with the flow but will definately be working towards this more organic feel on some of my walls later this year

NWO Digital graffiti.

3d sketch, pencil/biro

Digital www.graffitibytitle.com

Pencil sketch see more here www.graffitibytitle.com

For graffiti murals, caricatures, portraits or characters on walls, roller shutters, canvas or even on your vehicle! In Birmingham, across the midlands or anywhere across the UK visit www.graffitibytitle.com or give us a call

Can head Character sketch for a canvas I painted back in 2007

Still have half a dozen of these T Shirts left in L and XL only. £12+p&p hit me up here or info@graffitibytitle.com if your interested.

Digital graffiti

Self portrait 2008

Title digital 3d graffiti sketch http://www.graffitibytitle.com

  • Graffiti Artist for Hire

    Title has been involved in graffiti and street art since 1985. With many years graffiti experience he can create stunning graffiti art to suit virtually any venue.

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  • Graffiti Bedrooms

    As we all know graffiti is the new "in thing" for childrens and teenagers bedrooms but its so much more than just a graffiti mural on a wall. It can also be mixed with artwork from comic books, computer games, decorative illustrations, elements of contemporary fine art  or fantasy art...