A selection of my work featuring graffiti murals, graffiti bedrooms, commissioned artwork, digital design, sketches, illustration, 3d graffiti, digital graffiti, portraits, caricatures, graffiti characters, canvas, custom clothing etc.
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Split level mezzanine, Liverpool 2016

Star Wars themed office space.. Kidderminster

Avengers bedroom wall

Samurai wall Milton Keynes

Muse drummer Bedroom Stratford Upon Avon

Part of a recent commission for a Hip hop themed Chip Shop down in Brixton London #chipshopBXTN

Painted on my home turf.. Kings Heath, Birmingham for Circus Mash

Local commission for Friends Of Stirchley Park, The character is William Cadbury who gave the land to the people of Stirchley...

Couple of other sports characters in a local leisure centre

Another glimsp of some of the work I did for Redditch council... Completed last week, will upload some more soon... The entire length is 90m video coming shortly

NUE Urban Arts Fest... Painted a camper with my mate Gnasher, here's my side.. Great day

Redditch's most famous son, May 2015 More here www.graffitibytitle.com

Redditch May 2015 More here www.graffitibytitle.com

More work in progress shots of the Redditch mural

Bedroom mural... Spray paint and marker pens.

Rugby themed bedroom. Stoke On Trent, Jan, 2015.

Call Of Duty themed bedroom for Louis

XBOX bedroom mural More of my work and info here.. www.graffitibytitle.com

Another section of the "Gateway To The Park" underpass mural in St Georges, Redditch, Worcs.

Small section of underpass mural for Redditch borough Council

Sheesha Lounge, Birmingham... Finally finished both walls! I've been really struggling to keep up with my work load lately, so massive thanks to top pal gnasher for coming all the way over to help out on the background last week!

Bedroom mural for Tyler

Superheroes bedroom for JJ

Bedroom mural for Joss Email info@graffitibytitle.com for more details

End product of recent patient workshop/commission for Notts Health Care.

Went back to do the other side of the wall yesterday, heres what the whole thing now looks like.

Body building gym, Birmingham March 2014 More of my work here.. www.graffitibytitle.com

Stars Wars bedroom... TITLE Redditch 2014

Avengers Bedroom, Feb 2014 Title

Lego Batman bedroom wall Graffiti By Title Redditch 2014

Sikh themed MMA gym

Last job of 2013.... Dance studio @ University of Birmingham

Went back to finish this massive muscle cars wall today.. At Zadens Small Heath B'ham.. About 12/13ft high by 100ft long, 5 days hard slogg!

Work In Progress shot... Section one almost complete of a large Muscle Cars wall. Birmingham, December 2013

Bedroom commision from a couple of months back More here... www.graffitibytitle.com

Corrogated steel shutter... Leamington Spa 2013

Laser quest zone, West Bromwhich

Graffiti Bedroom for Josh.

Bangladeshi restuarant. Birmingham 2013

Graff Bedroom for "Wilson" Birmingham 2013

Graffiti Bedroom for Rosie

Toy Story Bedroom. Title 2013 #titlegraffiti#graffiti#bedroom

Large commisioned piece for Fanuc Robotics Ltd 8'X4' Aerosol/acrylic/paint markers

Public graffiti lettering, keepin it simple is the key! Barney, Molly, Daisy.. Reading 2013

Graff bedroom for James More here: www.graffitibytitle.com

Graffiti bedroom for Dhru More here www.graffitibytitle.com

Some recent work from this month... 2 Bedrooms in Birmingham, and the adolescent chill out room for teenage patients use in the Starfish ward @ Watford General Hospital

Sheesha Lounge Car park, Birmingham

Bedroom graffiti http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

Super Heroes and Graffiti Bedroom Commision for Taylor, this was my last one of 2012 http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

Todays bedroom commision for Oliver a Welsh Rugby fan.

Beach Scene, With love... Todays bedroom commision

Double trouble on the dancefloor! @ Hyde After Dark nightclub Sutton Coldfield, North Birmingham http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

Hyde After Dark Nightclub, Sutton Coldfield. Sneak peak at one of the walls I've been decorating inside Birminghams hottest new venue,... Top end of the parade Sutton town centre. Will upload more flicks in the coming few days...

Little public style for Nando's Italian theme graffiti bedroom... Dead proud of his Italian roots! http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

Corrugated steel storage container which blocks the entrance to a Boxing gym. http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

Graffiti bedroom Northampton 2012 see more here http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

50 and Biggie. Birmingham... Difficult to get a clear picture down narrow corridors but you get the idea!

Hip hop themed graffiti in a Birmingham childrens hostel. Always difficult to get a clear picture down a narrow corridor!

Underwater scene wrapped round 3 bedroom walls.

Super heroes characters www.graffitibytitle.com

Games room mural 2012 www.graffitibytitle.com

Super heroes graffiti for games room. See more here http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

More shutters

Bedroom graffiti for "Josh" http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

Koi Carp Bedroom wall Birmingham 2012

"Maisie" graffiti bedroom 2012 http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

Batman bedroom Completely graffitied bedroom, bedframe and bedroom wall.... Nuneaton 2012 See more here http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

Restuarant logo drawn onto wall with markers. Hereford 2012

Graffiti character for burger van. See more here http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

Hand painted logos in Prestige car showroom... West Midlands

Interior Mural. I worked through the night to make sure "The Indian Lounge" in Coleshill, Warcs didn't even have to close for a day while I painted this 25ft long mural in their restuarant.

Graffiti Bedroom for Calvin, Redditch 2012 http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

Graffiti bedroom mural for "Brae" West Bromwhich 2012... http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

Graffiti Bedroom.... Young wrestling fan with two of his heroes. See More here http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

Graffiti bedroom for Theo..... www.graffirtibytitle.com

Roller shutter graffiti. Guy Fawkes character, Fireworks shop, Bearwood. Better picture here www.graffitibytitle.com

Circus elephant painted today in Boxxed, Floodgate St, for a photoshoot for Rawhide Corsets. Looking forward to seeing the pictures www.graffitibytitle.com

Graffiti Bedroom wall for "Chase" a 4yr old fan of Sylvester, Tweety, Batman and Spidey, quite a lot to get on one small bedroom wall! www.graffitibytitle.com

For HOPE 1m X 1m canvas, aerosol/acrylic

This was the best picture I managed to get from a commision I painted down this long narrow corridor a few weeks ago. Signature Tattoo Studios Lichfield.

Land Rover Defender 2010 www.graffitibytitle.com

Rolls Royce and BMW, Walsall, West Midlands www.graffitibytitle.com

Sweeney Todds Barber Shop Facia Birmingham

Lancaster Bomber, aerosol and acrylic paint on 8'x4' board for teenagers bedroom wall www.graffitibytitle.com

Fish and Chip shop, 2010, Oldbury, West Midlands. www.graffitibytitle.com

Union Jack living room spray painted in browns, bieges and greys. www.graffitibytitle.com

Simpsons themed graffiti bedroom wall, 2010, Halesowen, West Midlands. www.graffitibytitle.com/

Realistic eye in spraypaint, Hair and Beauty salon West midlands

In Style hair and beauty, Simple graffiti lettering with characters Darlaston West Midlands

Basketball net spraypainted onto a board for a childs bedroom wall www.graffitibytitle.com

Football mural, Spraypaint and acrylic paint pens for kids games room www.graffitibytitle.com

Curry House, Birmingham.

Japanese designer menswear shop, Birmingham 2009 www.graffitibytitle.com

Black Ops graffiti on childs bedroom wall, Birmingham http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

Graffiti character on gym/play room wall. London http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

tattoo backdrop 2010 See more here http://graffitibytitle.com/graffiti-gallery/

Graffiti character, portrait and bubble lettering spraypainted onto an 8'x4' board for girls bedroom wall For better picture www.graffitibytitle.com

Two Guys, for a customer in Derby 2010

Halo themed graffiti mural painted onto a boys bedroom wall while he was away on a school trip. When he returned on his birthday he got more than he bargained for! His parents rang the next day to thank me for helping them to give him such a great birthday present! www.graffitibytitle.com

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    Title has been involved in graffiti and street art since 1985. With many years graffiti experience he can create stunning graffiti art to suit virtually any venue.

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    As we all know graffiti is the new "in thing" for childrens and teenagers bedrooms but its so much more than just a graffiti mural on a wall. It can also be mixed with artwork from comic books, computer games, decorative illustrations, elements of contemporary fine art  or fantasy art...