A selection of my work featuring graffiti murals, graffiti bedrooms, commissioned artwork, digital design, sketches, illustration, 3d graffiti, digital graffiti, portraits, caricatures, graffiti characters, canvas, custom clothing etc.
For any of the above or anything else graffiti or street art related call me today on

07780 763013 

I'd be happy to help

Personalised canvas for Eleanor and Lyanne Aerosol/acrylic 2014

Large canvas for local Sikh temple 150cmX150cm Spray paint and paint markers more here www.graffitibytitle.com

Large commissioned canvas for Emma Spray paint and acrylic paint markers 2.1m X 1.6m More here www.graffitibytitle.com

Commisioned canvas for Eisa More of my work here: www.graffitibytitle.com

Canvas for Upfest Minature version of a recent wall, painted with aerosol, acrylic, markers.... 300mm X 400mm

Aeroso/Acrylic on canvas..... For Sale...................

Abstract..... Aerosol on Canvas 2X 80cm X 100cm FOR SALE..................

Canvas 1m x 1m. Latest canvas for Vic Brown Vicbandredshift @ New Urban ERA.... This is a reworking of an old character I painted last year, on a wall with Mef and Kem for our enty into in the first round of last years Write4 Gold competition. Hope you like it buddy.

Untitled girl 2009 SOLD

Def Can One 2008..... Old one still available

1m X 1m Canvas, Aerosol/acrylic SOLD

Organic 3d graffiti, Aerosol acrylic 90cm x 30cm www.graffitibytitle.com

1m X 1m Commisioned canvas, aerosol acrylic SOLD

1m X 1m Commisioned canvas, aerosol acrylic SOLD

Bodelicious 2008, Aerosol/acrylic 500mm X 600mm SOLD www.graffitibytitle.com

Sold 2010

T too the E Aerosol/acrylic 800mm X 1000mm SOLD

Graff-tat girl 2008 Aerosol/acrylic 600mm X 500mm For sale £80

Self portrait 2008 Aerosol/acrylic 500mmx600mm SOLD

Space Marines 2009

Caracture 2009

  • Graffiti Artist for Hire

    Title has been involved in graffiti and street art since 1985. With many years graffiti experience he can create stunning graffiti art to suit virtually any venue.

  • Graffiti Workshops


  • Graffiti Bedrooms

    As we all know graffiti is the new "in thing" for childrens and teenagers bedrooms but its so much more than just a graffiti mural on a wall. It can also be mixed with artwork from comic books, computer games, decorative illustrations, elements of contemporary fine art  or fantasy art...