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I first became aware of graffiti as an artform in the early 80s as it came over to the UK  packaged as part of the then emerging Hip Hop scene.

As I had always been a keen a talented artist I found myself  drawn to the brightly coloured graffiti murals that I'd seen in films like 'Beat Street' and after watching early  documentaries like 'Style wars' I found myself getting  more and more interested. This  led  me to painting my first graffiti piece in 1985 and then spending the next few years completely obsessed with the writing culture.

As we moved into the 90’s I took my artwork away from the streets and onto canvas where I managed to exhibit and sell some of my work in small exhibitions and shows.

As the years passed by I started to drift further away from  graffiti and I began to experiment with a other mediums like acrylics, inks and pastels before returning to college to attend a course in computer graphics and digital art just as we moved into the 21st century. 

But it had always been graffiti that was my number one passion, so quite unsurprisingly, it wasn’t that long before I returned to the scene where I first cut my teeth.

Nowadays graffiti and street art has developed into a global phenomena of which I am glad to be a part of  and happy to say that after all these years it's still my passion as well as my living.

Over the last few years I have collaborated with many top artists and organisations on various commissioned pieces, events, workshops and other projects.

I aim to upgrade this site regularly so check out the GALLERY to view my work and CONTACT me if you have an enquiry or require further information.

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Batman themed bedroom graffiti art

  • Graffiti Artist for Hire

    Title has been involved in graffiti and street art since 1985. With many years graffiti experience he can create stunning graffiti art to suit virtually any venue.

  • Graffiti Workshops


  • Graffiti Bedrooms

    As we all know graffiti is the new "in thing" for childrens and teenagers bedrooms but its so much more than just a graffiti mural on a wall. It can also be mixed with artwork from comic books, computer games, decorative illustrations, elements of contemporary fine art  or fantasy art...